englsh 95


A cover letter


I can’t choose English 110 when the teacher recommended to me in this class, my writing is very bad, the articles are from high school, there is no writing skills, like a narrative essay, there is no summary of what in it I am very sad to write the exam, English 95 gave me a chance to learn more writing skills


Throughout the semester we were learning about the pros and cons of bilingualism. We read a lot of articles, some of which were written by bilingual people whose native language was better than English, and some of which were written by people who did a lot of research and concluded that bilingualism was better. In general, bilingualism is better than monolingualism, and I’m glad I can learn two languages


95 is to let us better prepare to learn English. I say, in this class I learned a lot of things, a lot of reading can let us better learning English, the teacher selected articles are intentionally or unintentionally encourage us to learn English Most of the articles talk about the importance of bilingual education, and some of the articles tell us the importance of English. 95 is the springboard for 110, so we are better prepared to go 110


I am very happy to get to know my teachers and classmates in this class. They are all very good. The professor is very patient with us. The students are very friendly. My English is not very good. Sometimes I don’t understand what the teacher is saying They all gave me patient explanations, especially Margarita, who was much older than me, and sometimes she would give me patient explanations when I had questions, and she would give me life advice after class, and I was happy to meet her in this class

Next semester may go to study more advanced English, there are some apprehensions, for fear of meeting is not nice professor, at the same time I am looking forward to next semester, I hope to contact more people, to learn more knowledge

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