call me by my name

According to the article, Fiona felt ashamed of her Chinese name and she always introduced herself as Fiona just to fit in with the other American kids. When given a English name, it is more for convenience, but for Chinese name, it is taken very seriously that each word in your name means something. Because she is in US, and she wants to be part of America, she totally give up on her Chinese name. A name is not just a name, it also says who you are. After 22 years of introducing herself as Fiona, she decided to introduce herself as Fiona Teng and 鄧穎恆, feeling proud of herself instead of ashamed. I totally agree with what she did now,because I think our Chinese name is the name that will really stick with you forever. For English name, you can switch to any other English name whenever you want and it is just for convenience. However, I think it is ok to introduce yourself in English name but don’t forget to say your Chinese name as well, because that is also you, and the real you.

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