Obituary Post

  1. Everyone is an individual, I feel like Lovey should not care so much about how people look at him but just try his best for his own good.
  2. I don’t get why Lovey is ashamed of all his relatives and his family, no matter what, they are the closest to him in this world. Also, why would he felt ashamed of his own race?
  3. As a teacher, his method of teaching and giving them a lesson is not so appropriate. For most of the students, they will feel bad about themselves and might end up of giving up their future. Maybe for that small group of people, they will really think about how to improve themselves.
  4. Why would Lovey used up more than a page to tell the readers the people and things that he is ashamed of? Isn’t that too much?
  5. Accent is something that you can’t really change much, which I understand how tough it is when the teacher trying to make the students talk like a American.
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